Optimize the management of your resources

All Odoo applications allow you to manage your company's human resources from A to Z

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Employee management

With the 'employees' application, share with your team essential information such as the professional information of their colleagues but also their department. 

By providing more extensive access, all employee information is accessible in one place: the manager, contracts or personal information in order to centralize the information of all employees.

Recruitment made easy

Publish your offers

If you also use the Odoo website, you can directly post your job offers and of course, allow candidates to apply directly.

Manage your applications

Your recruitment flow may vary from department to department. So can automated communications too. Odoo allows you to configure recruitment steps by department, but also some automated emails. 

Send and manage contracts

Thanks to its "salary configurator", you can send a link to the candidates of your choice so that they can configure their own salary package. 
Define your options and your annual cost, Odoo does the rest! 

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Assessment & Competencies

It is sometimes difficult to find the right profile within your company for a mission. Odoo now allows you to centralize the skills of your employees and to make them evolve. 
Moreover, generating recurring evaluations to ensure the good evolution of your staff is now easy and accessible. 

De plus,  générer la récurrence de vos évaluations  pour vous assurer de la bonne évolution de votre personnel est dorénavant facile et accessible.

Car fleets

Your company has a fleet of vehicles? Is it becoming difficult to manage the allocations, the documents related to them or the different invoices?

Odoo allows you to do all this. In a simple and efficient view, you can find all the information related to your vehicles.

Vehicle management has never been so easy.


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Payroll management of your employees

Odoo has designed a module that manages payroll. At Nalios, we have tested it, worked on it and finally even used it for our own employees. We are convinced that this application will facilitate and improve the daily life of our customers thanks to its ease of use and its integration with other modules.

Nalios supports you in the implementation of your human ressources on Odoo
We are constantly helping our customers to improve their Human Resources department.

Among other things, here are the benefits we saw for them when they started using Odoo HR features:

  • Manage their recruitment pipeline in a few clics 
  • Save a lot of time in managing leave
  • An efficient workflow for expense management
  • Easy, fast and efficient talent management that puts the right people on the right projects

Do you also want to save time on these tasks so that you can invest it in your activities?

So don't hesitate and contact us! 

You want to know more about human resources in Odoo ? Feel free to browse through our different blog posts on this subject

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