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Adaptable to all kind of professions 

The plus point of the production module in Odoo? Its flexibility.

Food production, assembly of pieces, repackaging, whatever your industry is, Odoo adapts itself to your needs.

Indeed, you can create milestones, working spaces and production hours. All of this can be tailor made to your needs.

Easy and complete reporting

Having an overview on how your production is going in a blink of an eye is a must for SMEs' and Odoo understood this correctly.

Odoo automatically generates understandable reports on many various subjects such as the profitability of a production line, the cost or the average production time of a specific article. The maintenance of your machinery can also be configured.

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Production planning 

Odoo automatically calculates the needed time to fulfill all production orders. The ERP does everything for you

Odoo verifies the amount of raw materials, takes into account the different production milestones but also checks the planning of your employees or the production lines.

Based on those criterias, the production orders are then planned on the first open timeslot available.

Easy quality control

Ensuring a high quality standard is mandatory. With Odoo, quality control during production, receipts and/or delivery of goods is easy and efficient.

Quality control is as easy as a kids' game. Choose whether you want it to happen for all your articles or only on a random base. Control points and tolerance ranges are customisable.

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​Perfectly integrated with the other apps


Production orders are automatically created based on the stock level.


Your inventory will be adjusted in real time, based on the production and your sales.


​Odoo takes care of generating the purchase orders when you are running out of raw materials.

We are experts regarding the configuration in Odoo
No need to work on costly integrations with specific production tools. Most of the time, we will be able to answer your requests only by using Odoo.

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