Workshop offered : How to use Odoo, a cloud platform, to manage your entire company dividing your administrative workload by 2.

Already used by 7 millions users across the globe.

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A universal solution 

Does your company uses various apps but barely or even don't communicate together? You must at least encode the same information several times a day and you lose valuable time looking for information stored in one of the many apps?

Implementing Odoo in your company has never been so fast & easy. Encode
information once and consult them from anywhere at anytime.

An integrated tool

Regrouping all your apps: CRM, invoicing, accounting etc.

An easy interface

Applications designed for the users.

A huge gain in time

Create your dashboards and take clear decisions based on numbers.

An instant accessibility

Wherever you are, whatever device you are using, check whatever you need.

An always up to date tool

With a new version of Odoo released every year.

Why going for Odoo ? 

Odoo, is an professional ecosystem of apps on a design plateform, easy to use that has already seduced 7 millions users across the globe.

Odoo is a business management software with all the needed apps gathered for your business, giving you a clear and broad vision of your current situation in real time.

A solution tailored to your needs, profitable in terms of time and costs. Losing information and time in non communicating sofwares is over with Odoo.

Still not convinced? The first app of your choice is free of charge.

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