Your commercial activities from A to Z

From the opportunity to the invoicing passing by the creation of quotations, Odoo will transform your commercial management.

A very precise pipeline 

The Odoo CRM has been conceived for you to be able to have a helicopter view of all your prospects at once. From your fully customisable pipeline you will not miss any opportunity and easily follow up on your commercial activities. Futhermore, your CRM will become a real centralized database where all needed information about your customers will be stored in one single place.
Odoo calculates the probability of winning opportunities (based on previous sales for the same customer) in order to enrich your analysis.

Clear and online quotations 

From the opportunity, create an offer and send it directly from Odoo. Your customer will then be able to consult the offer online, sign it and even pay directly in order to smoothen the entire sales process and therefore gain time. Optional articles can also be configured so that you sell more than what had originally been discussed with the customer. This creates you a centralized communication. 

Analyze your sales in real time 

The CRM and sales dashboards give you the possibility to analyze your commercial performances and this, without the need of AI. As of the creation of an opportunity or a quotation, it will direclty appear in these reports, which give you the ability to have an efficient analysis of your sales turnover.

Thanks to dynamic pivot tables, more detailed analysis are possible. These analysis can be per client, per category, per article or even per date.

Perfectly integrated with the others apps

Done with the double work and the use of multiples softwares. Nalios helps you to create your internal processes et connect them to your commercial management in one and only tool.​  


Transform you order and sale orders into invoices in just a few clics. 


Your sale orders generate automatically deliveries orders.


Transforming a quotation into a sale order allows you to have a perfectly automated project management.

We accompany you every step of the way

Our priority is to get you independent in your commercial management on Odoo. We train and advise you in all kind of domains. 

Management of your sales teams

Sales objectives (individuals and by team)

Management of your pipeline & activities


Sale orders templates

Product configurators

Advanced training CRM & Sales

Configuration of products & services

Online payment methods

Online quotations

Integration with other apps

Standard and tailor made Reporting

Wanting to know more about the CRM/Sales in Odoo? Do not hesitate to go through our various blog articles tackling this subject! 

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